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Krista Tippett looks back on her conversation with the renowned religious scholar Martin Marty, whose research focused on religious fundamentalism as a modern phenomenon. Though the conversation was over 10 years ago, many of Marty’s thoughts on religion and life — informed by his “glacial” sense of time — still resonate today.
Following the president's decision to move the capital of Israel to Jerusalem, our columnist reminds us that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a simple question of theology. It is wrapped up in political, historical, and colonialist motivations that prevent the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian communities from reaching a peace in the holy city that all can share.
“Trunk or treats” are happening in church parking lots across the country in an attempt to make #Halloween rituals safer and less scary. On upholding the macabre lineage of All Hallows’ Eve — and welcoming both the risks and rewards of neighborliness.


April 11, 2017

The Devils of Luzón

A visual tour of a whimsical and unsettling carnival of masked figures and horned demons — a survivor of northern Spain's Celtic roots.